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Close up of far away

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you draw yourself, a distant cloud, close up in your lens, you can become a little grainy in photos, a little uncertain, a little coming apart.

It can happen at social events when you say too much and you feel exposed - too exposed to risk attracting even more attention to yourself to leave, as you'd have to ask to squeeze past that woman blocking the doorway.

So, there you are, stuck, and you can't breathe and the red wine tastes like vinegar and you are wondering whether you are holding the glass a little too tightly and... Will it break? You know you're as unconvincing as a cloud. And your body feels light and yet leaden.

You manage to make it out of there - somehow - can't quite remember how.

You take yourself out, far out, far away from everyone, out into the middle of the ocean...

and rain.

You simply rain.

And rain.

And it's okay.

And you rain

and rain

till there is no rain left.

Until next time.


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