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Traffic reporter

I went down to the sea at first light this morning for the first of my reports from the seashore for Soundart Radio. The radio show host - the artist Julie Mullen - invited me back after being the artist-in-residence for both lockdowns, this time, to do the traffic report for her morning show.

Contemplating my new role of 'traffic reporter', I look up the meaning of 'traffic'. As well as the usual definitions of 'traffic', with all its to and fro -ings of people and things, and "the messages or signals transmitted through a communications system"*, there is also the more subtle interpretation: " deal, intrigue, conspire, practice."**

So I am reporting on the 'traffic' down at the seashore, reporting on any walkers, runners, swimmers, dreamers. Any dogs, birds, tides, stones, waves, wrack, winds. And, on the odd discovery, of a fairy story book, or a listener.

*Google search

**Oxford English Dictionary


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