"In many ways David's work is a collaborative endeavour between herself and water, allowing the stream or the tides, falling rain or still waters to shape and respond to the ink she pours into it, the paper she leaves under it, the lens she points towards it..."


Poems and texts have been performed, published, and filmed. Most recently:

- A Film

The Word Café - A Poetry and Music Film

Curator: Julie Mullen 

The Word Cafe,

supported by

The Arts Council, England

- Online

Vienna Biennale

Curated by Camilla Nelson

Soundcloud stream: Becoming Insect

The river is within us, the sea is all about us;
The sea is the land's edge also, the granite
Into which it reaches, the beaches where it tosses
Its hints of earlier and other creation:
The starfish, the horseshoe crab, the whale's backbone;
The pools where it offers to our curiosity
The more delicate algae and the sea anemone.
It tosses up our losses, the torn seine,
The shattered lobsterpot, the broken oar
And the gear of foreign dead men. The sea has many voices,
Many gods and many voices.
The salt is on the briar rose,
The fog is in the fir trees.
The sea howl

Excerpt from the Dry Salvages. TS Eliot


susie david

contemporary artist

Devon, England

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