Susie David's studio practice

 begins outside -

often down the lane by the sea.


At the edge of, in, or under the surface of the sea, she makes studies in the form of sketches, photographs, films, and

writings. She also makes interactive works with 

ecologically sensitive  materials -  - ink, wax, charcoal, or ash...

Using diverse equipment, materials, and processes, in such

 liminal zones, she explores 

fluidity and indeterminacy, and to learn of water's wild philosophies. 


Only then, with this water mindset, does she return to the studio to paint.


Her process-based practice is grounded in Eastern philosophies, practises, and aesthetics

- being, as they are -

 informed by water.

Water stories, the body, all the things

we do, are mediums that hide and show what's hidden. 

Study them, and enjoy this being washed with a secret we sometimes know, and then not.

                                  Story Water  . Rumi . 

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