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water nature

- ocean, river, rain, spill... - 

Water stories, the body, all the things we do, 

are mediums that hide and show what's hidden. 

Study them, and enjoy this being washed with

a secret we sometimes know, and then not.

 Story Water




*Translation: Coleman Barks

Susie David explores water and its wild fluid elemental nature. 


Her work sometimes comes into contact with water itself - such as wave, rain, ice, spill... using materials such as pigment, pixel, wax, word, ink, ash, oil...


She gets close to water, and often into it, and under it - with a mask and snorkel! - to observe and gather traces, but these liquid liminal places or 'shores' can also be found inside - in the studio.

"Through dialogue with fluid dynamics, I want to learn water's wild philosophies."

Eastern philosophies and aesthetics, such as Wu-wei, are often illustrated with the poetics of water metaphor, and these deeply influence David's working processes and practice. She tells me that these books often form a wrack-line 

around her bed!

"Being human has something of the sea, and I find that water has much to teach us. It is a kindred place of tidal 

revealing and concealing, unfolding and becoming, and indeterminate - and this is essentially where my process plays, and when I paint, I try to enter this mindset 

 - as if I myself were water."


Paintings appear minimal, ephemeral 

and abstract, though sometimes - by curious chance - reminiscent of wave, meander, rain, cloud, sea fret...


It has been likened to visual music. 


Susie David's studio is in South Devon.


Exhibitions include: Korea Geumgang Nature Art Biennale; Ephemeral River Residency, Dartington, A Global Nomadic Art Project; Oxo Tower Wharf; Bogliasco Foundation Open Studio, Liguria, Italy; The Open Prize, Film Painting Award, Open Gallery, Shoreditch, London; Dust on the Mirror, Gallery North, Newcastle.


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