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"If I now click pebbles together to make the stones chat, is that the same as the time that Susie did it?"

Mark Leahy 2017

film still

Two stones on the wrack-line stand out -- one has a seaweed quiff. I pocket both.


I see a fence post. Few Stonechats can resist a fence post to sing from.

My hands perch on the post and chink the stones together.

The stones talk, speak, as Stonechats speak. Being takes on a certain Stonechat-ness.


I am Stonechat now.

I fly off.

This is how things are

Joint actions and activities focused on creating dialogue between the human and nonhuman, often through oblique strategies such as mimicry and hiding.

Residency at Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve, Devon 2016, was awarded The Artist Information Company Professional Development Award - a collaboration with Megan Calver* and Gabrielle Hoad.

*Photo by Megan Calver

being stonechat

being stonechat

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