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Maxine Foster - Permian II
Sally Tibbetts - Moon Lake
Andy Klunder - Untitled
Clare Pumfrey - Are you sitting comfortably
Alice Leach - Night Owl
Frances Gynn - The Pleasure Garden
Annabelle Gregory - Blue Birds
Karen Roulstone - Untitled
Susie David- small rain cloud raining
Connor Macintyre - Chinoise
Christopher Cook - Anchorite
Ian Andrews - Morghast
Richard Kenton Webb - Tide coming in. Tide going out.
Tim Bailey - Persian Garden
Jeremy Diggle - Hallucinogen
Julie Mullen - Intelligence in the water, head in the sand.
Lee Jackson - Swallow/hold 3
Charlie Lewis Marffy - Rearranging Foundations
Fiona Wallace Velarde - Evening Layers
John Henshaw - Strange Meeting


is the recent exhibition here at theundergroundstream. We invited 20 painters to first consider a Rajasthani Indian Miniature and then provide each a work limited to under a foot wide.

The artists are: 

Richard Kenton Webb; Fiona Wallace Velarde; Sally Tibbetts; Karen Roulstone; Clare Pumfrey; Julie Mullen; Connor McIntyre; Charlie Lewis Marffy; Alice Leach; Andy Klunder; Lee Jackson; John Henshaw; Frances Gynn; Annabelle Gregory; Maxine Foster; Jeremy Diggle; Susie David; Christopher Cook; Tim Bailey; Iain Andrews, and of course: the unknown artist.



Welcome to theundergroundstream, Kingsbridge, South Hams, South Devon, UK

The studio-gallery run by two artists for art, artists, and lovers of art


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