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Precious sea

I go down to the sea most days.

Lately I am gathering photos of the sea's surface. The precious sea. There is no horizon in these photos* (which I take to mean no distracted looking beyond; beyond this moment). This sea, has my focus. I have sea's focus. Water is reflective, so it is interesting for me to notice these reflective metaphors.

I wake up and as soon as I have surfaced (!) the sea is the first pull. Undertow. Undercurrent. Rip.

I got swept out on a rip tide once. I had been surfing and leant my board to a friend: "Have fun!" I said, as I began walking back to the shore. Suddenly the force of the current lifted me out of my depth. I am a strong swimmer but the sea was stronger. There were surfers only a few metres away who were safe up on their boards and easily paddled away.

A kayaker went past. Was I okay. I felt embarrassed that so quickly I was in danger. I laughed, and said something such as: "a bit wild today isn't it". Why did I feel embarrassed? I don't know. I hope you don't mind me being so honest with you. I obviously feared others would think me daft. I struggled for more than 40 minutes to try to get back in my depth. I was becoming more and more exhausted, and then suddenly I remembered: best to go across, or even with, the current - not to struggle against it.

Alan Watts speaking of Zen says, that if you go with the flow you have all that power with you.

So now I focus on the sea. The honest sea. Not on my own freaky horizon thoughts of whether I will come across as daft and get swept away by that. Here is the sea. The precious sea. The powerful sea. Make of it what you will.


Alan Watts A lecture in Zen zen

* Vija Celmins famously made some graphites of the sea without horizon, and this I think, is an homage to her work.

Synonyms for surface

  • exterior, face, outside, shell, skin, veneer

Words Related to surface

  • facade, front, top, cover, covering, facing, appearance, disguise, guise, mask, semblance, show

Antonyms for surface

  • inside, interior


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Aug 15, 2021

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