"My works are informed by water, by water's wild liminal nature - a place where indeterminacy comes into play. 


Eastern philosophies, such as

Wu-wei, use water metaphors, and these influence my working processes and aesthetics. 


My studio painting practice begins down by the sea, where I gather research material in the form of observational sketches, writings, photographs, underwater films, and also material samplings. These can become works in their own right. 


I do this elemental research in order to learn from water and to develop a water mindset which I then attempt to articulate in the studio.


In the studio I consider the canvas or paper as another shore of the self - another liminal site - and here I paint, as if water were painting."

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Water stories, the body,

  all the things we do, 

 are mediums

  that hide and show

       what's hidden. 

 Study them,

 and enjoy this being washed

    with a secret we sometimes know,


           and then not.

Story Water




*Translation: Coleman Barks

Charities supported this year: 

- Animal Free Research UK

- American Society for the Protection of Animals 

- Oxfam


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